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The Steps to Take If You Hit a Deer December 3, 2018

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The Steps to Take If You Hit a Deer, Anderson, Ohio

From October to January, deer season is in full swing, meaning drivers must be careful not to hit one of these creatures as they drive. Besides not wanting to harm these animals, hitting a deer can cause severe damage to your vehicle and injury for you and your passengers, making roadside assistance a necessity. Below is a brief guide on handling an accident with a deer.

What to Do If You Hit a Deer

Damage From Deer

The most common damage will be to the front bumper, fender, and headlights. In some cases, the hood can be crushed. If, during impact, the deer hits the windshield or is launched onto the roof, the interior of the car will also see signs of trouble such as stains and smells to carpeting and upholstery if the animal ends up inside. Your car’s alignment may feel off and will need an adjustment. The hood and doors may also be dented where opening and closing is difficult.

roadside assistanceDeer accidents can do more than bang up your vehicle. People in the car can be injured, especially if the windshield shatters and the animal crashes through. Sometimes, the driver will swerve and hit guardrails, trees, and even other cars.

Steps to Take

Turn on your hazards to let other drivers know there is an issue, and if you can move off the road, do so. Check that everyone in the car is okay and call the police. Knowing the condition of passengers is important for telling the dispatcher if you need emergency medical services. Once the authorities arrive, they will take a report that you can then submit to your insurance. The police will also know who to call to remove the animal from the scene.

For cars that have suffered damage that renders them unsafe to operate, call roadside assistance for towing services. While you’re waiting for the towing company, take pictures of the damage and deer for your records, but keep your distance from the animal in case it’s not dead. You don’t want to get too close to a wild animal that has suffered injuries.

Contact your insurance company and file a claim. Give them as much detail as you can and submit your police report and photos quickly. If your insurance company is linked to your roadside assistance contact, you may be able to get everything set with one call.


For towing and roadside assistance in the Tri-State area, call A1 Towing Cincinnati. Their quick service and friendly staff have been helping drivers for more than a decade. Whether you have hit a deer, or your car broke down on the side of the road, their 24/7 towing ensures you are safe, and their mechanics can get you up and running quickly. Call (513) 602-­5493 for roadside assistance or visit their website for more on this towing company.

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