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4 Safety Tips for New Drivers December 27, 2018

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4 Safety Tips for New Drivers, Fairfield, Ohio

Along with obtaining protection from a car insurance company, new drivers must also take other precautions when behind the wheel. While the freedom of driving is exhilarating for first-time drivers, the number one responsibility is to protect yourself, your passengers, and other motorists. Fortunately, the following tips can help you do that.

Stay Safe on the Road With These 4 Tips

1. Be a Defensive Driver

Defensive driving entails being aware of what’s happening around you. Leave enough space between yourself and other vehicles to make sudden stops if needed, watch the actions of other motorists, and scan the road ahead of you to anticipate any issues. You may also consider taking a defensive driving course, which will cut down on your premiums to the car insurance company.

2. Get to Know Your Vehicle

car insurance companiesThe better you know your vehicle, the less likely you are to get into an accident due to operational error. Get well-acquainted with your vehicle before heading out so you can capably operate turn signals, headlights, and other vehicle controls.

3. Obey Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are there to keep you and other drivers safe. Though you may not think it’s a big deal if you slowly roll through a stop sign or ignore the other lane when you have a yield sign, these markers are there to reduce accidents. Pay attention to all speed limit changes, lane closure notices, and other signs to improve your driving. Being a good driver may enable a discount from your car insurance company, so it is worth the extra attention.

4. Don’t Drive Distracted

Driving distracted can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. Additionally, distracted driving involves more than just texting behind the wheel, although that is dangerous. Having a conversation while driving, eating, and daydreaming are all considered driving distractions.


As a trusted car insurance company in Fairfield, OH, 1st Choice Insurance is well-equipped to help new drivers secure the protections they need. These skilled agents will help you find an affordable policy that provides comprehensive protection, including liability and collision protection. If you’re considered a high-risk driver, they also offer SR-22 insurance to make sure you comply with state laws. Get a quote today by calling (513) 860-0666. You can also visit them online for more information on the services provided.

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