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3 Non-Cosmetic Reasons You May Need a Rhinoplasty November 28, 2018

Orange, New Haven County
3 Non-Cosmetic Reasons You May Need a Rhinoplasty, Orange, Connecticut

Over the past few decades, rhinoplasty has gained attention as a plastic surgery procedure designed to reshape the nose for cosmetic reasons — such as to smooth out a bump or straighten a crooked nose. But, apart from enhancing your appearance, there are several additional reasons why you may be recommended for a rhinoplasty. If you’re curious about how this popular cosmetic procedure may improve your health and wellness, here are some common medical reasons to have a rhinoplasty.

3 Medical Reasons for a Rhinoplasty

1. Deviated Septum

rhinoplastyThe septum is a thin wall of bone and cartilage that divides the nostrils within the nose. While many have a septum that is slightly off-center, some may have one that is so deviated that it causes medical complications. Specifically, when a deviated septum prevents air from flowing through both nostrils equally, individuals may experience restricted breathing, chronic snoring, nosebleeds, and congestion.

To fix this problem, plastic surgeons will perform a type of rhinoplasty known as a septoplasty. During this procedure, the septum is gently straightened and repositioned in the middle of the nose to allow for more sustainable breathing.

2. Broken Nose

In some cases, broken noses can heal without any issues. However, in severe situations — such as those caused by car accidents or sports injuries — the damage may be so extensive that the nose appears crooked or disfigured after healing. In addition to cosmetic defects, these issues can cause chronic discomfort and contribute to breathing problems. Fortunately, cosmetic surgeons can restore the original appearance of the nose through various rhinoplasty techniques.

3. Sinus Problems

Chronic sinus troubles can sometimes occur due to allergies, inflammation of the nasal passages, or infection. However, many sinus problems are linked to issues concerning the structure of the nose — such as deviated septums or enlarged bones in the nose known as turbinates. If these structural problems are causing chronic sinus headaches, infections, and congestion, a rhinoplasty procedure may help you find relief.


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