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4 Interesting Facts About Phlebotomists December 12, 2018

Elmsford, Westchester
4 Interesting Facts About Phlebotomists, Elmsford, New York

If you've ever had your blood-work done, you've come in contact with a phlebotomist. They're the people who take your blood samples and send it out for testing or collect it for donations. Here are some interesting facts that you didn't know about this field of work or a phlebotomy program.

What You Didn't Know About Phlebotomists

1. Phlebotomy Isn't Only for Humans

While you'll likely meet a phlebotomist at the doctor's office or donation center, they're not only working with humans. Most veterinarians are trained to draw blood for animals for routine testing or to figure out a health concern. Either way, they need to be compassionate, able to work with patients who are anxious, and know how to handle tricky situations, such as a rolling vein.

2. They Follow Detailed Regulations

phlebotomy programPrecision is key in this field of work, and it goes beyond simply taking the blood. They need to know exactly which needles to use on various patients and need to ensure every sample is labeled properly and sent to the right departments. This also means following every health and safety regulation to ensure samples are never mixed up or spilled.

3. Training Can Be Done Quickly

Phlebotomy programs are actually quicker than you might think if you're able to take the time to train. Depending on the specific program you're enrolled in, you could complete about 90 hours in a month or so. Whether you need a career change or want to learn another skill, phlebotomy programs can teach you a lot in a short time so you can make the change.

4. Phlebotomists Have Career Flexibility

Once you've completed a phlebotomy program, you have a ton of flexibility in your career path. From taking samples at a local clinic to working in a surgical setting, phlebotomists can work for various doctors and locations in the medical field.


If you're interested in joining a phlebotomy program, visit the team at Westchester School for Dental Assistants in Elmsford, NY. Offering comprehensive medical assistant training, students get the opportunity to make a career change or find a new passion. Whether you're interested in dental assistant school, becoming a clinical medical assistant, or looking for phlebotomy programs, their team is dedicated to ensuring you're successful — 80% of their graduates find a position within 90 days of graduation. To learn more about their offerings, visit them online or call (914) 682-9001 to speak with a team member about a program today.

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