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How to Prepare Your Home for Winter November 28, 2018

Canandaigua, Ontario
How to Prepare Your Home for Winter, Canandaigua, New York

Harsh winds and heavy snow can cause substantial damage to your home that could result in a homeowner’s insurance claim. To avoid these issues, it's best to be prepared for the winter weather. Below are some of the most important suggestions to prepare your home for winter and circumvent problems before they arise.

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter Conditions

Insulate Outdoor Faucets

When the temperature plummets, it can cause your pipes to freeze, especially those connected to outdoor faucets. To avoid frozen—and possibly burst pipes and a homeowner’s insurance claim—drain water from the pipes and cover the taps with foam insulators. These are available at any home improvement store.

Clean Gutters

homeowner's insuranceRemove all leaves and debris from your gutters to permit drainage. Blocked gutters can accumulate moisture, which freezes and often leads to ice dam formation. These are not only dangerous to passersby but could damage your roof.

Clean the Chimney

To avoid a home insurance claim for damage caused by a chimney fire, hire a professional to sweep your chimney and clean your fireplace. Burning wood results in creosote, an oily substance that accumulates on the chimney liner, which is highly flammable. If left unclean, the creosote could ignite, causing damage to your home and prompting a homeowner’s insurance claim. 

Change Furnace Filter

 A dirty filter blocks airflow through the furnace and causes your system to work harder than necessary. Replace the filter, and program the thermostat to let the home stay cooler while you are away. These two steps will both reduce system wear and tear and lower your utility bills.

Seal Off Drafts

Apply weather-stripping to your doors and caulk to your windows to eliminate drafts. This will help keep your home more comfortable and save you money on heating costs.


To discuss your homeowner’s insurance options for winter, contact CIG Insurance Agency, with locations in Canandaigua and Honeoye, NY. They've been serving Ontario County since 1863, so they are exceptionally experienced and have deep ties to the community. They also specialize in business, life, and auto insurance. Visit their website to view a list of their claims and services. Call (585) 394-5544 to speak with an agent. 

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