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5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Gardeners December 10, 2018

Holland, La Crosse County
5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Gardeners, Holland, Wisconsin

Some people are difficult to buy for, but if your loved one enjoys gardening, you’ll find plenty of gift ideas at your local garden center. Whether they go all in with extensive landscaping or merely enjoy planting perennials and other plants, they’re likely to appreciate updated gardening equipment and supplies. Consider these gift ideas for the devoted gardener in your life. 

5 Gifts Every Gardener Will Love Receiving at Christmas

1. New Gloves

Planting, digging, and mulching can be hard work, and it will eventually take its toll on the gloves a person uses to work their magic. Gifting them a new set of gardening gloves is not only thoughtful, but the right pair can also save their hands from developing cuts and calluses. You’ll find a variety of garden gloves in various designs, colors, and materials at practically any garden center.

garden center2. Planting Pots

Buying a friend or family member a planting pot in a color or design that matches their décor is sure to please them, especially if they can use it to show off their latest creation. Take note of the planting pots they usually use and look for one that matches its style.

3. Flower Seeds

If you want to be unique, purchase some seeds of their favorite flower from a garden center and present it as a gift basket inside a new planting pot or vase. Even if the weather is too cold to plant them outdoors now, those seeds can be stored until spring.

4. Hand Tools

You’ll find everything from trowels to small shovels at your local garden center, and every gardener can use an extra set, even if they already have a hand tool or two. Hand tools are another item that’s easy to include in a gift basket of gardening goodies.

5. Gift Cards

Still not sure what to get? You can’t go wrong with a gift card! Buy a Garden Center gift card now for the gardener on your list to ensure they’re ready and set to get going in their garden this spring.


Shoppers will find a large selection of garden supplies at River City Lawnscape Inc. in Holmen, WI. This garden center has helped gift seekers for more than 35 years by taking special orders for pots, décor, and landscaping supplies. Their team of landscaping specialists can help you choose the perfect gift for the gardener in your life. Stop by their garden center today, visit their website, or call (608) 526-9780 to ask for help.