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What Safety Ratings Tell You About New Cars December 12, 2018

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What Safety Ratings Tell You About New Cars, High Point, North Carolina

When you're looking to invest in a Ford™ or another high-quality new car or truck, you'll inevitably run into the safety ratings for the vehicle in question. These ratings and all the features they represent can be a little confusing, so it helps to break them down further to see how your new car candidate stacks up to the rest. To help navigate this unique area of car sales, here's an overview of who determines these ratings and the tests cars go through to attain them.

A Guide to Car Safety Ratings

Who Determines a Car's Safety Rating?

As you research safety ratings, you might wonder where these classifications come from in the first place. There are two primary testing standards for safety in the United States: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The former is an agency within the government that is associated with the five-star safety ratings commonly linked with new cars. The latter is a non-profit organization that conducts independent vehicle tests to determine how well a vehicle will protect the occupants within it.

fordWhat Are Some of the Common Tests?

Crash tests have been more rigorous since the 2011 models were introduced, so you can be confident in safety ratings of new Fords and similarly up-to-date vehicle options. In addition to general frontal- and side-impact crash tests, these ratings put a wide variety of vehicle abilities to work to determine how safe they are for the average driver. Rollover resistance, accident avoidance capabilities, roof durability, and protection from rear impacts are among the most common tests. Blind spots also play a major role, which is why today's modern safety technology is so crucial.

Some of the modern features that push new cars into the upper echelon of safety include electronic stability control, which helps prevent skidding and sliding, and automatic emergency braking, which allows the vehicle to apply brakes automatically in the case of a potential impact. Blind spot warnings are more common in today's models, as well, as are other visual and auditory alerts like lane departure warnings and lane-keeping assistance. When these additions work in tandem with a durable and well-protected vehicle, you end up with a model deserving of the coveted "Top Safety Pick" standard.


Once you know what makes a new car tick in regards to safety features, you'll be much more confident when it's time to purchase your next vehicle at Crescent Ford of High Point, NC. With a convenient location between Greensboro and Winston-Salem, this local dealership offers the best in new and used Ford cars and trucks, and their team is known for their prompt and reliable service. Visit their website for a look at their new and used inventory, and give them a call today at (336) 869-2181.

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