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How Legal Practices Are Using Cloud Storage to Their Advantage December 10, 2018

St. Charles, St. Charles
How Legal Practices Are Using Cloud Storage to Their Advantage   , St. Charles, Missouri

With the rise of skilled digital hackers, data safety is becoming increasingly critical across all industries of business. The stakes are particularly high for Industries like the legal field, where highly sensitive information is documented and managed. To help secure their information from security threats, many legal firms are choosing to move to cloud storage.

Understanding the Advantages of Cloud Storage for Law Firms

Maximizing Online Security

According to last year’s American Bar Association TechReport, 1 in 5 law firms was breached by an internet security threat, leaving the industry scrambling to find solutions. Since law firms vary in size, smaller groups may not have the extensive budget required to protect their data from today’s ever-advancing hackers. Cloud storage evens the playing field via a combination of enterprise-grade solutions for all of their applications and data. From redundant firewalls to intrusion detection, law firms of all sizes can enjoy enhanced security without breaking the bank.

Reducing IT Challenges

cloud storageNo matter the size of a law firm, a considerable amount of time and energy goes into managing IT services. Large firms likely have one or more dedicated IT professionals, while the managing partner at a smaller firm is spending precious hours each week communicating with vendors and troubleshooting problems. By moving to cloud storage, legal teams of all sizes can eliminate IT distractions with one predictable payment each month. This ultimately lets lawyers focus all of their efforts on their cases, allowing the firm to provide better results for clients.

Creating Safe Remote Access

Lastly, legal teams who move to cloud storage solutions can keep their data safe at all times--regardless of whether their team is at the office, working from home, or on vacation. This is extremely attractive to employees, as it allows them to access important files and send urgent emails wherever and whenever they want. It’s also beneficial to firms themselves as it ensures remote access that is safe via multi-step authentication, as well as easy to set up.


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