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Should You Use Grass Clippings to Mulch Your Lawn? December 7, 2018

Newby Road, Fairbanks North Star
Should You Use Grass Clippings to Mulch Your Lawn?, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska

You want your lawn to be green, lush, and tidy-looking. However, bagging grass clippings during or after each mow may be depriving your yard of a valuable source of nutrients. The guide below explains how these snippets can be used as a natural mulching material. 

Understanding Natural Lawn Mulching

How to Create Mulch From Grass Clippings

To use grass clippings as mulch, mow your lawn without the bag attachment. As your mower trims your yard, it will leave behind sliced grass blades which will break down over time, usually in the span of a few weeks.

What Are the Benefits of Mulching?  

mulchingStudies have shown that grass clippings can provide as much as 25% of your lawn’s fertilization needs. As they decompose, they return nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus back to your lawn. In addition to keeping these leftovers out of landfills, this technique also creates less work for homeowners and landscapers. 

You can also save dried grass clippings to use in gardens and flowerbeds. Not only will this add nutrients, but when applied 2-4 inches thick, grass clippings create a neutral-colored, self-compacting barrier to keep weeds from growing. 

Finally, the presence of this raw material will invite earthworms and other helpful micro-organisms to your yard, who see it as food. Their presence creates pathways that better let water move through the soil which, in turn, can help you achieve a more beautiful, productive lawn or garden.


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