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3 Helpful Tips on Prepping for Car Financing  November 27, 2018

North Riverdale, Dayton
3 Helpful Tips on Prepping for Car Financing , Dayton, Ohio

Even with the help of financing from a car dealership, an automobile still represents a hefty sum for most consumers. There are steps to ensure that you enter into a sustainable purchase, and don’t leave yourself stressed and overextended. Here’s a guide on financially preparing before you head to the car dealership. 

Getting Ready for Car Financing

1. Look at Your Budget

Instead of zooming over to the car dealership and making an impulse buy, you’re much better off sitting down and going through your budget for the year. Once you know how much wiggle room you have, you’ll be in a good position to estimate a reasonable monthly payment.

2. Save for the Down Payment

car dealershipAs exciting as a car may be, it’s crucial that you don’t make a move on it until you’re financially ready. Take note of the down payment you’ll need and make a plan to set aside some money each month to cover it. With just a few months of cushion, you’ll be in a much better position when the financing begins. 

3. Improve Your Credit Score

The higher credit score, the more favorable of a deal you’re likely to receive from the car dealership. So, it’s crucial to pay your bills on time and pay off or lower old debts. Another tactic is to keep your credit card spending moderate. If you’re moving and replacing large sums every month, you can be deemed a higher risk. 


If you have any questions about financing, it’s always worth talking to a trustworthy car dealership like Express Motors in Dayton, OH. In addition to offering an outstanding collection of pre-owned vehicles to choose from, the staff will help you figure out the ideal payment plan. To start a conversation with a courteous financing agent, just call 937-223-2277 or send a message through the dealership’s website.  

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