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3 Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Winter November 27, 2018

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3 Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Winter, Dothan, Alabama

Since the garage door is always in contact with the elements on one side, winter is the season that brings the most wear. With a few proactive adjustments, you can fortify your structure for not just the cold season but for the rest of the year as well. Here’s a guide to proper garage door maintenance for winter in the South. 

Garage Door Maintenance for the Cold Season

1. Start Lubricating

Once the cold weather sets in, it will become more difficult for the rollers and hinges to move as freely as they do during other parts of the year. The solution is to use a lubricant such as machine oil to slather all of these exposed elements. Just remember to wipe off the excess after you’re done since applying too much can cause alignment issues.  

2. Take Out the Wrench

garage door maintenanceNow do a little tightening. After so many journeys up and down, the rollers, brackets, and bolts will all begin to loosen, but with just a simple socket wrench, you should be able to secure the structure for the weather ahead. If the doors look uneven or out of balance after you perform the tightening, it’s worth having a garage door maintenance technician come by for an inspection. 

3. Check the Weatherstripping

Since it’s such a small part of the overall hardware, it can be easy to overlook the weatherstripping, but it becomes especially important during winter. Examine the strip for any signs of damage or cracking, because those punctures will allow air to come through, making your heater work much harder to maintain the warm temperature. If you notice any tears or wounds, it’s best to simply replace the weatherstripping before it creates wider openings. 


If you’re having any trouble with your garage door, reach out to the experts at MP Garage Doors in the Southeast Alabama Tri-State area. In business for over 25 years, the repair crew will quickly troubleshoot any problem affecting the entryway. You can make an appointment with the veteran team by calling (334) 793-2089 or by sending a message through the garage door maintenance company’s website

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