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5 Useful Senior Pet Care Tips for Cats November 27, 2018

Buckeye Lake, Licking
5 Useful Senior Pet Care Tips for Cats, Buckeye Lake, Ohio

As cats age, their abilities and needs are going to change. It’s important to embrace these differences to make life easier for your elderly feline. With a bit of extra love, care, and attention, you can prevent many problems associated with aging. Follow these senior pet care tips to keep your cat happy and healthy.

Senior Pet Care Advice for Your Cat

1. Keep Them Active

Unsurprisingly, senior cats are not as active as their youthful counterparts. You may notice that your cat sleeps more often than they used to and won’t do anything strenuous. It’s tempting to just let them be, but exercise is still a critical aspect of senior pet care. Weight gain is detrimental to their wellness, and older cats are more at risk for developing conditions like heart disease. Try using toys to lure your cat into playing.

2. Accommodate Their Needs

senior pet careIt’s difficult to watch your beloved cat struggle around the house, so give them a hand when possible. Many senior cats have trouble making it up the stairs, or even getting in and out of their litter box. You can assist them while allowing them to remain independent by investing in pet steps, ramps, and a litter box with lower sides.

3. Adjust Their Diet

Depending on their health conditions and weight, elderly cats will have different nutritional needs. They shouldn’t necessarily be eating the same kind or even amount of food they had in their youth. Feed your cat the appropriate amount to keep them at a healthy body weight. If your cat has special dietary needs, ask your veterinarian for recommendations.

4. Be Gentle

While you don’t need to treat your cat like a porcelain doll, they won’t be as agile in their later years. Falling is considerably more dangerous for senior cats. If you need to pick them up, give them ample support and be careful when setting them back down. For cats that begin to overlook grooming, you may need to step in to gently brush and bathe them yourself.

5. Increase Vet Visits

Senior pet care experts recommend increasing the frequency of veterinary visits to every six months once your cat is older. This allows your veterinarian to check on your cat’s health at a much more reliable schedule. If they detect a problem, or if you notice any changes at home, your vet can find the proper treatment or solution early on.


No matter what your cat’s age or condition, they’re welcome at Petplex Animal Hospital. These vets are adept at providing senior pet care, whether it be in the form of pet dental services, prescription medication, or a simple checkup. They also have emergency services available after hours. To learn more about their services, visit them online. If you’re in the Perry, Fairfield, or Licking County, OH area, call (740) 929-3300 to set up an appointment.

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