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How Often Do You Need to Chlorinate Your Well? November 27, 2018

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How Often Do You Need to Chlorinate Your Well?, Wales, Wisconsin

Thanks to the natural filtration of sand and bedrock, residential wells provide a supply of clean drinking water free of most contaminants. However, excessive rainwater or construction activity near your well could allow bacteria into your well, posing a health risk. Well chlorination can eliminate the threat, killing off most dangerous bacteria and ensuring you have the cleanest water supply possible.

When Should You Chlorinate Your Well?

Testing Reveals Dangerous Bacteria

well chlorinationHave a professional check your well water every three to five years to ensure it’s free of dangerous microbes. If their tests do reveal the presence of microbes, order a complete well chlorination. Chlorine treatment will remove all toxic bacteria and algae, with only minimal disruption to your water supply.

You’re Having Water Quality Issues

Well chlorination also corrects other water quality issues, such as concentrations of unpleasant chemical compounds. Hydrogen sulfide, for example, will give your water a highly unpleasant taste and leave an odor like rotten eggs, rendering your water supply unusable. A professionally applied chlorine treatment can clear out most of these contaminants, but talk to an expert to ensure chlorination is the best approach.

Things to Keep in Mind

Chlorine is a corrosive substance, so use sparingly to correct specific issues. If applied too often, it could damage your household plumbing, your pump, or even the well itself, so it’s best to rely on the expertise of a professional when deciding whether chlorine is the best treatment.

With over 35 years’ experience serving homeowners throughout Wales, WI, Guthrie & Frey knows water from the ground up. Their team of professionals offers everything from well chlorination and routine maintenance to well pump installation and 24/7 emergency repairs. Visit their website to learn more about their well chlorination services, follow their Facebook for updates, or call (262) 968-2525 to schedule service and request a quote.

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