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What Will a Real Estate Lawyer Do for You? December 3, 2018

Brockway, Jefferson
What Will a Real Estate Lawyer Do for You?, Brockway, Pennsylvania

Whether you’re planning to buy a house, rent office space, or negotiate to develop a parcel of land, hiring a real estate lawyer makes it easier to accomplish your goals. A skilled attorney experienced in practicing property law will protect your interests and help you get the best deal possible. Here are ways in which legal advice and representation foster positive outcomes in real property matters.

4 Ways a Real Estate Lawyer Will Help You 

1. Handle Real Property Closings

The traditional role of a real estate lawyer is closing real property purchase and sale transactions. Closing attorneys research property titles, draft and deliver deeds, prepare settlement statements, collect and disburse funds, and ensure the necessary legal documents are filed with the clerk.

2. Negotiate leases

real-estate-lawyer-Brockway-PABoth landlords and tenants depend on property law attorneys for legal advice. Real estate lawyers negotiate, write, and review lease agreements for residential properties, such as apartments and condos, and commercial leases for office buildings and shopping centers. Whether you’re being threatened with eviction or are trying to remove a problem tenant, attorneys provide legal representation.

3. Resolve Land Ownership or Land Use Disputes

Conflicts may arise over real property ownership, such as boundary disputes between neighbors, water use rights, or title disputes between family members over an ambiguous deed description. If mediation can’t resolve your dispute, the real estate attorney may represent you in negotiations, arbitration, or litigation. 

4. Representation in Zoning Matters

If you’re seeking a property zoning variance or rezoning, an attorney who knows the ins and outs of zoning board rules and hearings will facilitate the process. Having a strong legal advocate present your case effectively adds credibility and can influence the outcome in your favor.        


Before you engage in a transaction involving property law, it’s wise to consult a real estate lawyer. Residents in the Jefferson County area turn to Ferraro Kruk & Ferraro, LLP in Brockway, PA, for legal advice and representation for their residential and commercial property matters. You’ll receive dependable, professional service from these dedicated attorneys, who provide strong advocacy both in and out of court. Call (814) 268-2202 to discuss your real estate needs, email them, or visit their website now to learn more. 

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