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7 Types of Mums for Your Flower Arrangements November 26, 2018

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7 Types of Mums for Your Flower Arrangements, Port Jervis, New York

Arguably the most popular fall flower, chrysanthemums come in a variety of gorgeous colors that suit the seasons. It’s easy to create lovely autumn flower arrangements with these blooms. Before you head to the florist, you should know that mums vary in much more than just their color. Here are some of the different types of chrysanthemums you can choose from.

Different Selection of Mums for All Occasions 

1. Spoon

A variety aptly named for its spoon-like tips, these mums have visible pistils and long, tubular petals. The scoops of their petals are often a different color from the rest of the flower head, giving them a distinct appearance.

2. Decorative

These mums don’t grow very tall, but they do a produce large huddle of petals. Gardeners and homeowners love their full, colorful blooms. Their size and shape make them perfect for flower arrangements.

3. Anemone

The raised center of anemone mums is covered in tubular petals reminiscent of sea anemone. Flatter ray petals surround the center disk, creating a unique contrast. This gives the center disk petals a notably cushion-like appearance.

4. Spider

flower arrangementsLong, thin, and tubular petals splayed at all angles give the impression of vibrant spider legs. Spider mums have an unusual but delicate look, making them ideal for sprays and elegant autumn flower arrangements. Some varieties have petals that stick straight out, while others curl at the tips.

5. Single

One of the most common types of chrysanthemum is single mums, which feature a sunny yellow center surrounded by a ring of pale petals. Because of this, they are often mistaken for daisies. You can distinguish them by their slightly larger center. Some varieties also grow pale peach or deep red petals.

6. Pompon

These mums are characterized by their full bloom, tiny size, and round appearance. They start by growing flat, but over time, their curved petals overtake and hide the center. The smallest variety is known as the button mum and often grows no bigger than one inch in diameter.

7. Thistle

Also called brush mums, these blooms grow fine, tubular petals that twist and droop toward the stem of the flower. Some resemble paint brushes from a distance, giving rise to the alternate name. They are small and make great additions to flower arrangements.



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