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3 Common VoIP Issues You Can Troubleshoot December 7, 2018

New York, New York
3 Common VoIP Issues You Can Troubleshoot, New York, New York

Many businesses are turning from traditional landlines to VoIP phone services, which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. While there are countless benefits to this new and improved option—from lower rates to a greater geographic scope of connectivity—these systems can experience issues just like any tech invention. To save time and maximize productivity in the office, use the following VoIP troubleshooting tips to your advantage.

How to Troubleshoot Common VoIP Issues

1. Echo

Did you recently begin hearing your voice echo during a phone call? While this can be irritating and distracting during a casual, personal conversation, it can be detrimental to an important business discussion. If the echo is lower when you cover the mouthpiece of the phone, this indicates you need to lower the speaker volume. If this doesn’t work, check the system’s wiring for damage and disconnect caller ID devices. Still encountering a problem? Have a professional inspect your VoIP system for interference or old equipment.

2. Chopped-Up Sounds

voipIf the voice on the other end of the phone keeps clicking in and out, there’s likely an issue with the VoIP bandwidth. To test this problem, you can either measure your bandwidth on the internet or turn off some computers and see if the system improves. You can also ask a professional to configure your internet settings so that the phone service takes priority.

3. Jitter Buffer Irregularity

To make conversations over the phone easier to understand, VoIP systems compile a voice packet and then send it over the phone lines at a consistent, clear pace. Common issues with this technology include delayed or dropped voice packets. To reconfigure your conversations for maximum clarity, ask your provider about a software-based dynamic jitter buffer, which will adapt the packet delivery to a comfortable pace of 30 to 50 milliseconds. 



If you want to use your VoIP system to its maximum potential without wasting work hours on technical problems, ask Challenger Broadband for help. They’re proud to connect professionals in Midtown Manhattan and offer 24/7 support when things go wrong. For more information on their services, visit their website or call (646) 723-9999.

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