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3 Reasons to Hire a Locksmith Instead of Break Into Your Car December 12, 2018

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3 Reasons to Hire a Locksmith Instead of Break Into Your Car, Elyria, Ohio

In the event you get locked out of your vehicle, you may feel tempted to break into it to avoid paying for a locksmith. However, this presents a variety of dangerous and potentially costly hazards. Here are a few reasons to call a professional locksmith instead of attempting to get into your own locked car without assistance.

Why You Shouldn’t Break Into Your Car During a Lockout

You Might Damage Your Vehicle

locksmithWhen you try to get back into your vehicle by breaching it, you risk harming the body and damaging the interior. If you use a wedge or poker to try to loosen up the locking mechanism, you may scratch or chip the paint, damage the door or window seals, or destroy the lock itself. If a window breaks, you’d have additional repairs to make. It’s worth hiring a professional so you won’t have to pay for larger, more costly auto repairs. 

You May Not Be Able To

Picking a car lock is not as simple as it may appear. To make matters more challenging, modern vehicles often have tight security systems and remote keyless entries that are more difficult to penetrate. Your local locksmith team has the proper tools and knowledge to successfully help you regain access to your automobile. 

You May Risk Legal Trouble

If anyone sees you trying to break into your own car, they may mistake you for a thief and call the police. Unless you can provide proof that you are the owner of your vehicle, you could be fined or arrested. Steer clear of needless legal troubles and court fees by calling your local locksmith as soon as you lose your keys or lock them in your car.


Do you know who to call in case of a vehicle lockout? For over 38 years, Elyria Locksmith Service, Inc. has provided quick, affordable, and safe reentry services to vehicle owners throughout the Lorain County, OH, area. This commercial and residential locksmith offers lock repairs and key replacements along with mobile and emergency services, and all work comes with a 90-day warranty. Call them at (440) 366-5625 today for a complimentary phone estimate or consultation. Visit them online to read client reviews and learn more about their services. 

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