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Why Companionship Is Critical to Elderly Care November 27, 2018

Canarsie, Brooklyn
Why Companionship Is Critical to Elderly Care, Brooklyn, New York

As people grow older, they often require extra assistance to manage their health or maintain productivity. While finding support for these needs is essential, it’s important to remember that many seniors may also look to their caregivers as a source of companionship. To better understand the importance of regular socialization, here are a few ways that companionship can enhance elderly care.

How Does Regular Companionship Improve Elderly Care?

Prevents Isolation

elderly careMany older Americans live alone and have difficulty leaving their homes due to mobility issues or other disabilities. While some seniors may technically have everything they need at home, lack of social interaction can eventually cause them to become isolated. Isolation from others can make it difficult for seniors to feel like they are still part of a community and diminish their communicative skills. Over time, lack of socialization can increase the risk of mental health conditions—especially depression. Caregivers can help prevent these issues through regular visits, allowing seniors to enjoy a constant connection with another person.

Engages Memory

When caregivers help provide regular companionship, they will often engage in meaningful conversations. As a regular part of communication, seniors tend to share memories or reflect on past experiences in their lives. While it may just seem like a pleasant exchange of information, this conversation encourages older individuals to exercise different areas of the brain that are associated with memory. As a result, companionship can help prevent conditions associated with cognitive decline and memory loss—such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Provides Motivation

Managing chronic health conditions or recovering from an injury or major surgery can be difficult for seniors. If they have to navigate these obstacles alone, they may become discouraged about their health—a problem that may cause them to stop caring for themselves as they should. Through regular visits, caregivers can make sure that all health needs are met while establishing a support system that encourages seniors to stay active and adapt to challenges in a creative, empowering way.



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