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3 Reasons You Should Invest in a Shed This Winter November 27, 2018

Mountain Home, Baxter
3 Reasons You Should Invest in a Shed This Winter, Mountain Home, Arkansas

Most homeowners need additional storage, but rather than renting space by the month,  they can save money and make a smart investment by purchasing a shed from a hardware store instead. Quality-built sheds can add value to a property, and they’re also easy to customize. Whether you build a shed yourself using durable building materials or purchase one from a supplier, there are many advantages to having a shed during the holidays — and beyond.

Why Should You Buy a Shed From a Hardware Store This Season? 

1. It Makes Hosting Easier

Many people use guest bedrooms for storage, and when the holidays roll around, they have to find a way to declutter the space to accommodate guests. Sheds can be built in almost any size, and many hardware stores sell them up to 8 by 20 feet. This is more than enough space to empty a small bedroom.

2. It’s Time to Declutter

hardware storeA popular New Year’s resolution is decluttering, and sheds make it possible to do it at your own pace. You can easily carry items piece by piece and day by day while organizing them in your new storage shed. If your resolution includes a home makeover, the new storage space will allow you to keep chairs and other items that don’t fit in with your new design, but which you might want to reuse later.

3. It Offers a Place to Store Seasonal Items

Christmas isn’t the only holiday you’re likely to decorate for, and having one convenient place to put away your Halloween, Christmas, and Easter decorations will guarantee they’re easy to find next year. It also ensures that electrical decorations will be in working condition the next time you need them.


If you’re interested in adding a custom-built shed to your property this winter, you’ll find plenty of options at Marchant Building Center in Mountain Home, AR. This established hardware store sells customizable sheds that measure 8 x 12 feet, 8 x 16 feet, and 8 x 20 feet. If you prefer to build one yourself, you’ll find all the quality building materials you need to complete the job. Call (870) 425-3168 or visit them online today to learn more about their selection of custom-built sheds. Please note, their mailing address has changed to 1815 South College St. Spur. They have not moved, but the street name has changed. 

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