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How to Recognize You Have an Unhappy Employee November 27, 2018

Lower East Side, Manhattan
How to Recognize You Have an Unhappy Employee, Manhattan, New York

There’s no denying that happy workers are more engaged and productive, and unhappy employees can cause a toxic environment for others. Dissatisfied workers are also more likely to leave within a year and provide negative word-of-mouth feedback about your company to other potential employees and customers. In the end, your profits can suffer, thanks to an increased lack of productivity by all. Recognizing dissatisfied employees allows you to implement team-building activities and communications training to combat the problem before it escalates.

5 Signs an Employee Is Unhappy

1. They Have Frequent Tardiness

team buildingWhen a worker is frequently late, it’s probably because of low morale. When they also tend to leave early, it’s a clear sign they don’t enjoy their work and want to be elsewhere. This can impact the team around them by creating resentment and causing everyone’s efforts to decline.

2. They’re Always Calling in Sick

Similarly, employees who call in sick a lot are indicating they don’t want to be there. While sometimes medical conditions do apply, frequent absences could mean your worker is out interviewing for other jobs.

3. They Don’t Participate in Activities Outside of Work

It’s common for employees to socialize outside of work, whether it’s to share drinks after a long week or to celebrate at holiday parties. If an employee never participates, there’s probably a reason. Team-building exercises can help foster a sense of belonging to improve even the most dissatisfied employee’s attitude.

4. They Never Offer New Ideas

Engaged employees are eager to offer suggestions for improvement or efficiency. When workers fail to offer solutions to known problems, it’s possible they’re too unhappy to care. This can become a major problem if they begin scoffing at other’s suggestions instead.

5. They Begin to Act Unprofessionally

If you catch a worker surfing the Internet when they should be working on a report, their lack of work ethic should be a red flag. Other warning signs include dressing inappropriately, not showing up for meetings, and declining productivity.


Fortunately, there are ways to improve employee satisfaction in any workplace. Through team-building activities, communications training, and creative coaching, companies can see improved productivity. That’s where Laura Westman Coaching in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, NY, comes in. As an experienced life coach, Laura implements communications training and team-building to raise workplace satisfaction. Call (919) 360-8642 or visit her online to schedule a consultation today.

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