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3 Health Benefits to Drinking Cocktails December 7, 2018

Lincoln, Lancaster
3 Health Benefits to Drinking Cocktails, Lincoln, Nebraska

You probably don’t head to a cocktail lounge because you want to lead a healthier life—but that can be the result if you do it right. By choosing low-calorie, nutrient-rich options, you can share some drinks with friends while doing good for your body. Here are some of a cocktail's most beneficial properties.

The Advantages of Ordering Cocktails

1. Nutrients

Many of the mixers available at cocktail lounges use fruit juices as an essential ingredient—which are, in turn, loaded with vitamins and nutrients. So next time you get a drink with a lemon twist or that has been sweetened with pineapple, know you are boosting your Vitamin C levels. Not only can this help the immune system but also ward off wrinkles. 

2. Medicinal Properties

Ginger ale and tonic water contain medicinal properties that can aid digestion, lower muscle pain, and reduce some symptoms of the flu. This is why some drinks, like hot toddies, are sometimes suggested for those with colds. And it’s not only these add-ons which are healthy—in moderation, the alcohol itself can provide benefits. For example, gin includes many herbal ingredients which may help settle your stomach and promote general health.

3. Stress Release

cocktail loungeModern research shows more and more the negative impact that stress can have on our bodies. In both the short and long term, it can raise blood pressure, alter our moods, and cause issues like sleep deprivation that only further the problem. Though alcohol abuse amplifies these effects, drinking responsibly can help the body relax, shedding stress and allowing you to feel less inhibited while socializing at your local cocktail lounge.


If you’re looking for a bar or cocktail lounge in Lincoln, NE, stop by Lancaster’s Lounge & Off-Sale. With a cozy atmosphere and a wide beverage selection that includes delicious drink specials, it’s the perfect place to release stress and make memories. Learn more today about this family-owned establishment by visiting them online or call (402) 421-2474 to make a reservation.

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