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Top 3 Design Trends in Concrete Flooring December 10, 2018

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Top 3 Design Trends in Concrete Flooring, Monroe, Ohio

Concrete has long been a top choice in commercial and industrial flooring because of its incredible longevity. But modern advancements have expanded the options beyond functionality and into the realm of high-end, aesthetically-pleasing design. If you want to update your workspace without sacrificing the durability of concrete, consider these three industrial flooring trends.

3 Concrete Trends Ideal for Commercial & Industrial Flooring

1. Matte Finish

Matte finishes have infiltrated every area of design in recent years, and now it's making its way to industrial flooring. Contractors are using matte concrete sealers to create a flat, one-dimensional finish. This trend is popular in modern design schemes dominated by neutral color palettes. Choose natural coloring or opt for a pigmented sealant mixture to contrast the paint colors of the room.

2. Floor & Wall Cohesion

industrial flooringAlong with flooring, concrete has also become a staple wall material. Now, builders are creating cohesive design schemes by using the material for both walls and flooring. For a blended look, use polished concrete on both surfaces. Or, for more depth, opt for textured walls in multi-dimensional shapes or wood patterns.

3. High-Gloss Contrast

While matte top coats are amplifying neutral environments, high-gloss finishes are being used to contrast the warmth of wood elements — another popular material that's made a comeback in interior design. High-sheen industrial flooring also works well in structures that want to maximize natural light for either aesthetic or cost-related reason. Polished concrete is available in a variety of luster levels, so view samples in your space to ensure you end up with the right degree of reflectivity.


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