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How to Create a Cozy Guest Room for Holiday Visitors November 28, 2018

Mason, Warren
How to Create a Cozy Guest Room for Holiday Visitors, Mason, Ohio

The holidays are celebrated with delicious food, eye-catching decorations, and—most importantly—quality time with loved ones. Since many families are now spread out, the gathering results in guest rooms filling up across the country. From the comforter selection to personalized finishes, creating a temporary holiday oasis for your visitors is all in the details. Make sure your guests feel at home during their holiday stay by following these three tips.

3 Tips for Creating an Inviting Holiday Guest Room

1. Choose Quality Bedding

Nothing will affect the stay of your guests like your choice of bedding. Down bedding is known for its luxurious level of comfort, so opt for a top-quality, plush comforter, feather pillows, and sheets with a high thread count. It's also important to consider the unique needs of your guests. If anyone suffers from allergies or asthma, hypoallergenic bedding is ideal.

2. Consider Colors Carefully

comfortersWhile functionality is a key to making your guests comfortable, aesthetics also play a part in their experience. Colors have a psychological impact, so you need to consider the room's color scheme when decorating. Choose comforters, pillowcases, and throw blankets in colors that elicit relaxation and serenity, like blues, whites, purples, and soft yellows. It's best to choose muted shades over bold options to avoid overwhelming the eyes and creating a sense of visual chaos.

3. Add Personal Touches

After setting the perfect foundation, finish off your guest room with personalized details. Create a welcome basket with a handwritten note and an assortment of their favorite items, like snacks, reading materials, or scented lotions. To take this concept a step further, frame pictures from your time together in the past and position them throughout the room. These details are simple to accomplish but they offer a huge impact, which is sure to make your guests feel welcome.


Transform your guest room into a cozy oasis this holiday season with the help of DOWNLITE. The family-owned company provides high-quality, comfortable bedding for both individuals and hospitality businesses. From mattress pads to pillows, you're sure to find the perfect solutions to your bedding needs. Browse their selection of quality comforters online or request personalized shopping assistance by calling (866) 931-3696.

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