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4 Garage Door Safety Tips for Kids November 26, 2018

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4 Garage Door Safety Tips for Kids, Milford, Connecticut

Garage doors benefit home aesthetic in addition to keeping the garage’s contents safe. They can also contribute to various injuries if they are installed incorrectly or used the wrong way. Whether you recently scheduled a garage door replacement or not, there are several safety guidelines to impress upon your family — especially young children — to keep this heavy, sensitive door from becoming a hazard.

Top 4 Garage Door Safety Tips to Keep Children Safe

1. Emphasize That the Garage Door Opener Is Not a Toy

Make it abundantly clear to your children that the garage door opener is not one of their toys. Keep the opener in a basket or bin your kids cannot reach to further remove temptation. You may also want to replace your current opener with one equipped with safety features such as automatic reverse for when something gets caught between the door and garage floor.

2. Designate Play Areas

garage door replacementEnsure your children understand that, while they have free reign to play in the rest of the yard, the area around the garage door is off-limits. This helps prevent injuries from standing too close to the door or touching it as it opens.

3. Inspect the Door Regularly

Check your door for anything that can cause function issues and increase the chances of injury. The door should always open and close smoothly and evenly instead of stopping and starting. Its tracks should also be free of debris, while all moving parts require lubrication. Test the safety sensors with a cardboard box or other object — the door should automatically reverse as soon as it touches the box.

4. Get It Professionally Serviced Once a Year

Schedule professional servicing once a year to determine if anything needs repairing or replacing. Depending on the door’s age and condition, you may need a garage door replacement to maintain a safe home. A service professional will also provide maintenance tips for keeping this door as safe and functional as possible.

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