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3 Benefits of a Two-Sided Mattress November 27, 2018

Archdale, Randolph
3 Benefits of a Two-Sided Mattress, Archdale, North Carolina

Sleep affects every aspect of your life, from how you function at work to your mood throughout the day. It’s important to invest in a quality mattress, and if you’re due for an upgrade, a two-sided mattress is worth consideration. You’ll find they quickly match the best qualities single-sided versions provide and, more importantly, ensure reliable use for years to come.

How Is a Two-Sided Mattress Better?

1. Longevity

On average, a quality mattress lasts roughly 10 years if you’re enjoying it and sleeping well. With a two-sided mattress, you experience less material breakdown and troublesome impressions. Flipping it every 6 to 12 months can do wonders for preserving it, ensuring it a longer life span.

2. Eco-Friendliness

mattressTossing out a mattress means you’re contributing to waste, even though it’s a necessary process. The combination of delivery, processing, and recycling costs time and money, negatively impacting the environment. Since a two-sided mattress lasts longer, you’re cutting down on production and processing needs, reducing landfill space, and benefiting the environment. Consider options that are made of recycled materials if possible to take your conservation efforts even further.

3. Premium Comfort

Because of the flip-ability and durability of a two-sided mattress, you can always count on comfort. This process significantly reduces the amount of regular wear one side receives, ensuring a relaxing, supportive surface that conforms to your sleep needs. If you’re sleeping with a partner, you’ll also notice maintained comfort, as the weight will be dispersed evenly as it’s flipped over time.


If you’re ready to invest in a two-sided mattress, turn to Reliable Bedding Company in High Point, NC. They’re proud to offer premium consumer and contract bedding options to customers, including memory foam and pillow top—all of which you can explore on their website. They know how important sleep is, which is why they focus on reliability and comfort in all the products they make right in High Point. Call (336) 883-0648 today to speak with a representative about making your nights more restful.

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