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3 Pest Control Tips to Keep Mice Away November 26, 2018

Lebanon, Marion
3 Pest Control Tips to Keep Mice Away, Lebanon, Kentucky

With winter arriving, mice are looking for a cozy place where they can nest and have plenty to eat. Homes are the perfect spot, and if you’ve seen a few scurrying around, you can quickly end up with a problem. Luckily, preventing mice is a simple process, and in conjunction with pest control professionals, you can be confident your home is safeguarded.

3 Tips to Protect Your Home From Mice

1. Eliminate Food Sources

Mice are drawn to food, and they’ll sniff out even the smallest crumb. You need to wipe out potential sources, so begin by packing all your dry goods in airtight containers that are out of reach. You’ll need to clean frequently, especially in the kitchen, so make sure no crumbs remain on the floor or countertops. Also, take the trash out when it begins to fill up so the waste doesn’t attract rodents. Washing your trashcans out is also helpful so no residue becomes a food source.

2. Seal the Exterior

pest-control-allans-of-central-kentucky-termite-and-pest-coIt doesn’t take much space for mice to squeeze into your home, which is why you need to make a full sweep of your home’s exterior. Look for any possible entry points—weak points in the sealant around windows, doors, and piping are popular spots. Check your foundation as well, and trim back any landscaping that’s touching your roof.

3. Schedule an Treatment

To truly protect your home, schedule a pest control treatment. Many homeowners make the mistake of waiting until they already have an issue that requires extensive remediation. During a treatment, a pest control professional will protect your home from mice, insects, and other rodents, and can also offer valuable tips to ensure you’re keeping your property protected.


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