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3 Tips for Protecting Your Printer From Humidity Issues December 13, 2018

Charleston, Staten Island
3 Tips for Protecting Your Printer From Humidity Issues, Staten Island, New York

Safeguarding a printer and its related materials often means protecting it from humidity and extreme temperature. Without the proper procedures, you may find your printer still working but printing poorly on wrinkled paper. Here’s a rundown of how you can take steps to keep your machine in excellent condition. 

A Guide to Defending Your Printer From Temperature Woes

1. Buy a Hygrometer

Printers work best at a specific range of humidity (from 40% to 60%). To create that precise environment, use a hygrometer to measure the humidity of a given area. Once you have your reading, use your HVAC units to dry out your air and humidifiers to increase the degree of moisture if need be. The proper degree of humidity will prevent woes such as curled paper and jams. 

2. Store Ink Cartridges at Room Temperature

printerIt’s also necessary to find a balanced environment for your printer’s ink cartridges. When they’re left in a humid environment, such as an attic, the moisture can cause problems with the dye. Meanwhile, when the room is too dry, the ink can dry out, rendering it useless. Avoid buying ink cartridges in massive bulk, and store your extras near your printer. 

3. Be Discriminating With Your Labels

If you use your printer mainly for making labels, be careful about which kind of label stock you’re buying. First, gauge whether the environment where your printer lives tends to be more cool or warm throughout the day. Then, look for labels that are suited for that temperature — otherwise, you may find them awkwardly soft or otherwise warped.


If your printer doesn’t seem to be performing at the level you’re used to, consult the respected printer repair experts at Alpha Laser Richmond Corp. in Staten Island, NY. Whether you’re having problems with the ink cartridge or the toner, they’ll quickly restore your unit to its original condition. Call (718) 317-1263 or learn more about the company by visiting their website

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