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Top 3 Benefits of Electrolysis Hair Removal for Athletes November 26, 2018

Top 3 Benefits of Electrolysis Hair Removal for Athletes, ,

Many athletes spend much of their time and effort trying to get their bodies into the ideal shape for their sport. So what if you were told that includes electrolysis hair removal? This FDA-approved technique utilizes a small electric current to terminate follicle growth. This can be very advantageous for athletes, who can gain the following from the treatment.

How Electrolysis Benefits Athletes

1. Reduces Chafing

Friction between your skin and wind, water, or a uniform can cause discomfort. Body hair only serves to worsen the feeling. Experience relief with electrolysis hair removal. This process will leave you smooth and less likely to experience chafing. You won’t need to worry about shaving or waxing in the future, because the areas you have treated will no longer grow hair.

2. Increased Aerodynamics

electrolysis hair removalYou are likely aware of the benefits of improved aerodynamics. Many athletes, like swimmers and marathon runners, are already shaving or waxing to gain some speed. However, with electrolysis hair removal, you can free up this same weight from your body without constant maintenance.

3. Improves Healing

A nasty slip or tumble can leave behind messy scrapes and injuries—and hair gets in the way of the healing process. This may not be an issue for most, but injuries are common among athletes. Smooth skin is much easier to disinfect, and if you’re receiving a sports massage to assist with recovery, being hair-free helps your body absorb oils and lotions more efficiently.


If your unwanted body hair is inhibiting your performance, remove it with Hair Today Gone Tomorrow. Serving the Denton County, TX, area, this professional team of electrologists uses advanced methods and technology to give clients their desired results. Whether you want to target one specific spot or eliminate the majority of your body hair, electrolysis hair removal is an entirely safe and sanitary way to get the job done right. Learn more about this service on their website. To schedule your free consultation, call (682) 593-1442 today.