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What Are the Advantages of Tree Mulch? November 28, 2018

Lilburn, Gwinnett
What Are the Advantages of Tree Mulch?, Lilburn, Georgia

When it comes to landscaping and gardening, there are a few key tricks of the trade. Mulch is certainly one of these secret weapons, but if you’re not an avid gardener, you might not understand why. To make the most of your property and help your plantings thrive, consider the following benefits of tree mulch.

The Top 3 Benefits of Tree Mulch

1. Moisture Retention

In the summertime, successfully watering your landscape involves a direct competition with the climate. The heat from the sun evaporates most of the moisture left beading on plants, grass, and even on the top layer of soil, erasing your attempts at hydration. Luckily, when you water a tree that’s surrounded with mulch, the liquid will sink beneath the wood chips and into the soil and roots, where it can’t be touched by the sun’s rays.

2. Temperature Insulation

tree mulchWhen the temperatures drop in the winter time, your landscape might need a bit of help acclimating to the seasonal change. Luckily, a layer of tree mulch will act as a thick sweater, trapping warmer air around the tree’s most sensitive parts. It will also form a line of defense, blocking colder air from reaching the tree.

3. Weed Suppression

Every dedicated gardener knows that weeds are a plant’s worst enemy. Luckily, mulch can help here, too. By adding a substantial layer around plants and trees, you’ll block weed sprouts from receiving the sun’s rays. Plus, even if they do have enough nutrients to grow, they won’t be strong enough to push the layer of mulch, withering away instead.


If you’re interested in reaping these benefits by adding tree mulch to your property, get in touch with Casey Tree Experts of Lilburn, GA, today. Their team is passionate about protecting your landscape with trimming, pruning, and other essential tree services, and they even provide mulch in bulk. For more information on their offerings, visit the website or call (770) 498-7000 today.