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Submersible vs. Jet Pump Installation December 11, 2018

Bremerton, Kitsap
Submersible vs. Jet Pump Installation, Bremerton, Washington

If you’re planning pump installation for your well, you’ll have to make sure it’ll have enough power and a capacity to accommodate your needs. Submersible pumps and a jet pumps are common choices and can be used to create effective water systems. Each design has its strengths and weaknesses, so here’s what you need to know to distinguish between the two.

Submersible Pump

pump installationThe submersible pump is installed near the bottom of your well. It uses existing water pressure at its current depth to propel water up the pipe and into your home. It’s self-primed to use the water surrounding it, making it convenient to start. Submersible pumps also run efficiently and quietly, allowing you to save money on electricity. While it’s difficult to access and repair than a jet pump, submersible pumps require little maintenance, meaning issues doesn’t come up often.

Jet Pump

The jet pump is installed above ground and uses an impeller and diffuser to pull water from the well and pump into your pipes. They come in a range of styles to fit shallow or deep wells, and accommodate low, medium, or high yields. Jet pumps can also be mounted horizontally or vertically, making them extremely versatile. They’re a cost-effective option and are easy to access for pump repair should an issue arise after pump installation.


If you aren’t sure which type of pump installation is the right for your home and well, ask Evergreen Well Drilling in Shelton, WA. Serving Mason County residents for almost 40 years, they provide drilling, installation, and maintenance services you need to keep clean and fresh water flowing into your home. To schedule a visit, call (360) 426-3545 or send a message online.

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