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3 Residential Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Winter November 27, 2018

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3 Residential Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Winter, Rochester, New York

Winter weather will be rearing its raging head soon. The snow and icy conditions can take a toll on your garage doors. Fortunately, you can get a head start on the cold season by handling your residential garage door maintenance before the weather conditions become prohibitive. Here’s how.

3 Areas to Assess on Residential Garage Doors Before Winter

1. Repair Weatherstripping

The rubber seal located on the bottom of your garage door prevents cold winds from seeping into your property. It also keeps out pests and rodents looking for a safe, warm hiding spot away from the elements. Inspect the seal for damage. If there are several cracks or breaks, replace it. Make sure to clean the track of dirt and corrosion with a stiff brush before installing the new seal.

2. Tighten Loose Hardware

Residential Garage DoorsDuring its lifetime, residential garage doors can be opened and closed thousands of times. The repeated movement can cause normal wear and tear to the structure and loosen some of the brackets and bolts that hold the components together securely. Hire a technician to inspect the doors and perform any necessary repairs. You should also lubricate any metal moving parts, such as the rollers and springs, to keep cold weather from causing them to stick.

3. Examine the Garage Door’s Surface

Check your residential garage door for issues that could affect its performance, such as dents, dings, rust spots, mold, and warping. You should also be mindful of aesthetic damage. Wood doors, for example, may be prone to discoloration and require a fresh coat of paint.


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