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5 Gutter Issues That Happen in Fall November 26, 2018

Quinnipiac Meadows, New Haven
5 Gutter Issues That Happen in Fall, New Haven, Connecticut

Gutters are a necessary part of your roofing system. They filter water off your roof and keep your property free from pooling precipitation and damage from a roof leak. During the fall, however, gutters are more susceptible to a few problems due to the nature of the season. Here are five issues to watch for this year.

How Fall Affects Gutters

1. Clogged With Leaves

guttersThe biggest issue in autumn is the excess leaves piling up on roofing and in gutters. When the leaves fall from trees, they will land all over your property; while it is easy to clear them from the ground, the roof is not as simple. To make matters worse, leaves get thick and heavy after rain, turning a small pile into a mass of saturated matter that will stop your gutters from doing their job.

2. Saturated With Rain

Heavy rainstorms are common in fall, and the weight of the water can prove to be too much for gutters. You may notice sections beginning to sag when there is too much precipitation pulling them down. In severe cases, especially if hardware is compromised, gutters may detach altogether.

3. Damaged By Trees

In a particularly powerful storm, branches, twigs, and other tree debris will blow around your property. A heavy or sharp branch can crack or poke through the material, which then interferes with the gutter system’s process.

4. Filled With Nests

As the weather gets cooler, critters and wildlife will seek out cozy shelters to get through the winter. These creatures start their nest building in fall before temperatures drop too far. Your gutters make the perfect place due to the higher ground and tight quarters the system’s shape provides.

5. Moved by Wind

Autumn is known for blustery days, and more than leaves and twigs will kick up in windy conditions. Anything from siding to shingles on the roof can become dislodged during a particularly heavy gust, which can then land on your roof. If the impact of objects doesn’t interfere with gutters, pieces of material getting inside will.


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