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3 Types of Common Stove Problems November 26, 2018

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3 Types of Common Stove Problems, Walton Park, New York

As one of the most essential appliances in any kitchen, you need your stove to run smoothly at all times. However, these appliances aren't meant to last forever. Eventually, you will find yourself in need of stove repair. Here are a few issues that may come up that will reduce the efficiency of your stove.

3 Reasons to Get Stove Repair

1. Lack of Heat

This problem can affect one or more burners. Once you determine if this issue is limited to one section of the cooktop or affects the entire system, you can take action. For a single burner that won’t heat, turn the stove off and check the heating coil. Look for damage such as rust or cracks that might affect the connection. However, if none of the burners will get hot, you may have a bigger electrical problem that will require professional electrical assistance and stove repair.

2. Uneven Temperatures

stove repairIf your food is constantly overcooking or burning no matter how careful you are, it may not be your fault. The stove may be the culprit. Sometimes electrical ranges have difficulty regulating heat. Instead of producing different temperatures that are required to cook various foods, the cooktop will only stay at one temperature. This problem could indicate an issue with the ignition switch, which regulates power. If so, it will need replacement.

3. Blown Pilot Light

Gas stoves use a small pilot light to ignite the burners on the range as well as the oven. For the appliance to work, there must be a gas flow, and the light must remain lit. If there is no flame present, you should still smell gas. This usually indicates a faulty ignition switch that can be repaired or replaced. However, if there is no gas smell and no light, then there is likely a problem with the gas line.


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