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Why You’ll Love the Look of Stacked Natural Stone November 26, 2018

Lihue, Kauai
Why You’ll Love the Look of Stacked Natural Stone, Lihue, Hawaii

When the theme for a home design project calls for authenticity and warmth, the look and feel of stacked natural stone is hard to match. It’s visually striking and can easily integrate into any project as a highlight feature or the main design. Depending on the design and use, stacked natural stone is low-maintenance and easy to care for. It’s easy to see why you might fall in love with the look of stacked natural stone.

Why You Should Choose Stacked Natural Stone

Visual Effect

Stacked natural stone adds dimension and character to any design project, making it a popular choice with homeowners and designers. The stone’s natural colors, patterns, and textures are hard to replicate, providing a one-of-a-kind personal touch. Stone naturally appears stronger and more stable compared to wood and other materials making it a great option for outdoor features. Natural stone also comes in a variety of textures, from smooth edges, to rounder surfaces, and rougher, edgy lines.


natural stoneWhether you’re designing an exterior or interior project, stacked natural stone is a wise choice because of its unlimited creative potential. It can be used as part of a home’s exterior design, adding texture to the siding or used as columns. However, it’s also versatile enough for landscaping designs, making it a great border for an island or retaining wall. For interior use, it’s often used in bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes, or foyers.

Low Maintenance

Homeowners looking for longevity, stability, and ease of care will understand the long-term value of natural stone. Natural stone’s solid properties requires little maintenance and vertical designs, in particular, require the least amount of upkeep. Modern technology has also made it easier to seal natural stone, preventing debris from building and sticking to its surface. This can be done by the manufacturer or spraying stones with a sealer annually.


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