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5 Tasks You Should do After a Car Accident December 3, 2018

Washington, Franklin
5 Tasks You Should do After a Car Accident, Washington, Missouri

Immediately after an accident, it’s hard to keep calm and rationally think about the next steps to take. Before calling for roadside assistance, ensure that you’re as safe as possible, lowering the risk for further accident and injury. Commit this checklist to memory, helping you keep a clear mind after a jarring wreck.

Post-Accident Checklist         

1. Check for Injuries

After an accident, the first order of business is determining if anyone is injured. This includes checking yourself, any other passengers in your car, the driver and passengers in other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists — anyone directly involved in the incident.  

2. Call 911

Call 911 to report the accident and get help for anyone who’s been injured. Even if an injury seems minor, get them help. Not all injuries are readily noticeable, from minor concussions to potential spine damage. EMT professionals will diagnose any possible issues before they linger and get worse.

3. Exchange Insurance Information

Call your auto insurance company and follow your agent’s instructions. Provide your name and insurance information to the police and other drivers involved in the accident. Gather the other parties’ information for yourself, too.


towing company4. Seek Witnesses and Take Photos

Take down the names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident. Make sure they give statements to the police as soon as possible. These statements can help you secure an insurance settlement. Take photos of any damage to your vehicle and send them to your insurance company.  

5. Call for Roadside Assistance

If your car isn’t safe to drive to a mechanic, call a reputable towing company. Many insurance policies cover towing expenses, so be sure to ask your agent when you contact your carrier. Roadside assistance will 


Whether you’re in a serious accident or stranded with a flat tire, trust the professionals at Patriot Towing in Washington, MO, to bring you and your vehicle to safety. This family-owned company provides prompt and affordable commercial towing, residential towing, and roadside assistance services 24 hours a day. For more information, visit their website and Facebook, or call (636) 392-5070.

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