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5 Common Ring Issues & How to Fix Them December 7, 2018

Clayton, St. Louis County
5 Common Ring Issues & How to Fix Them, Clayton, Missouri

From wedding bands to family heirlooms, rings are gorgeous pieces of jewelry that reveal a lot about the wearer’s personality. However, their individualized quality and frequent use make them a bit more susceptible to wear and fitting issues. Take your rings to a trusted jeweler for jewelry repair if they develop any of the following problems.

Common Ring Problems & How They Are Fixed

1. Scratched Stones

Diamonds may be durable, but many softer stones can be more easily damaged. Intense and high-contact activities like heavy lifting or working with machinery puts strain on stones. You might notice chips, cracks, and even breakage. Shallow scratches can be polished back into shape, but greater damage will need more in-depth jewelry repair or replacement.

2. Poorly-Fitting Band

Whether it is too tight or loose, a ring in the wrong size is essentially unwearable. The best way to fix it is to have it resized by a jeweler. Most traditional metals, such as gold and silver, are easy to bring up or down a size. Alternative metals generally cannot be resized, and intricate band or setting designs will make altering the size more difficult.

3. Loose Stones

jewelry repairA loose stone is usually the result of a setting issue. Gemstones are often held by prongs, which can bend back over time. This causes the stone to dislodge and possibly fall out of your ring completely. If you notice one or more of the prongs coming loose, bring your ring to a jewelry repair shop to have them tightened, replaced, or reinforced.

4. Red or Itching Skin

Over time, you might find the skin under your ring red or itching. The first explanation is simple skin irritation. Constantly wearing rings traps soap, lotion, moisture, and dirt underneath the band, causing your skin discomfort. A professional ring cleaning will solve this issue. If you’ve determined the irritation is caused by a metal allergy, you may want to consider changing the band or having the inside coated with a protective film.

5. Damaged Band

Just like stones, ring bands can get scratched from daily wear. While not as immediately concerning as a chipped gem, accumulated scratches will eventually dull the appearance and quality of your ring. Your jewelry repair shop will polish out any nicks before the damage worsens. With regular professional polishing, you can lengthen the lifespan of rings and keep them looking brand new.


For all of your jewelry repair needs, come to Clayton Jewelers in St. Louis, MO. Their dependable services include stone replacement, polishing, prong tightening and retipping, and ring sizing. This jeweler is fully equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology for clean, precise repairs. While you’re there, you can browse their unique collection of fine jewelry designed and crafted directly in the store. To learn more about their expert repair services, call (314) 726-2220 or visit them online.

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