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4 Ways to Travel Safe This Holiday Season November 20, 2018

4 Ways to Travel Safe This Holiday Season, ,

The holidays are the busiest travel season of the year, and with it can come unexpected trouble. From November into the new year, travel safe and keep these tips in mind, so your shopping money doesn’t have to turn into bail money. 

Tips for Safe Travels Around the Holidays

1. Pay Any Tickets 

If you are charged with a traffic or parking violation while traveling, and you fail to pay the fine or appear in court to fight the ticket, a judge can issue a bench warrant out for your arrest. If this occurs, you could be held in jail until you make bail or the court hears your case, and you will receive another charge: failure to appear. This offense also has jail time and additional fees. Avoid this unnecessary trouble by paying a parking ticket as soon as possible when you get one. 

2. Check Weather Reports Before Leaving

bailBefore you hit the road, check the weather forecast. Some speeds are safe in perfect conditions, but when rain or snow hits, you should drive vigilantly and slower than usual. If you cause an accident in severe weather, your speed can be a huge factor in your culpability—even if below the limit—because your driving should appropriately match the conditions, not necessarily the posted maximum.

3. Follow Speed Limits

If you’re driving home for the holidays, resist the urge to floor it on the highway to get there as soon as possible. Not only can you get in trouble and land a ticket, but you’ll also put other drivers on the road in danger with your reckless driving. In some states, you can even spend the night in jail for “superspeed”—or over 20 mph over the limit—until you can make bail to get you out. Stick to the speed limit, and remain vigilant on the roads for your safety and the safety of others. 

4. Don’t Drink & Drive

If you’ve had a couple of drinks at a holiday dinner, you should save yourself the call to a bail bondsman and never drive drunk. For some people, even one drink can put them over the legal limit of .08% BAC, and there’s no excuse when there are apps like Uber and Lyft to get you home. If you can’t find a ride back, you should crash at a friend or family’s house. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with the consequences if you get a DUI or even hurt someone while driving drunk.

If you or someone you know gets in trouble on the road this holiday season, an experienced bail bondsman will make the stressful situation a little bit smoother. In Hartford and New Britain, CT, our team at 3-D Bail Bonds is the trusted resource to handle bail bond issues with compassion and respect. Our 24/7 services are fast and professional, and our local agents are highly trained to handle the complicated legal process throughout the state. For more information about our services and to find a location nearest you, visit us online and call (860) 247-2245 to speak with an agent today.