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3 Tips for Sharing the Holidays After a Divorce December 4, 2018

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3 Tips for Sharing the Holidays After a Divorce, Ava, Missouri

Once you’ve signed the final paperwork with a divorce attorney and concluded the separation, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Navigating life after your marriage has ended still poses challenges, however—especially if kids are involved. Many families find that the holidays are a particularly difficult time of the year. Here’s how you can make it a little easier.

3 Ways to Make Splitting the Holidays Easier After a Divorce

1. Communicate About Plans

If you have anything special planned for the holidays, make sure the other parent is aware. This is especially important if travel is involved since both parents have a right to know where their children will be. A shared online calendar is an effective way for both mom and dad to keep track of important events, whether it’s a trip to see grandma or a holiday dance recital. 

2. Prepare to Compromise

divorce attorneyMaybe you don’t necessarily want to go to your kid’s classroom holiday party if your ex will be there, but if it’s important to your little one that you all attend, you should. You might have to compromise to put your kids first. Keep in mind that this can help make for wonderful festive memories they will cherish when they’re older.

3. Don’t Get Competitive

After a divorce, some parents find themselves competing for children’s attention. Don’t fall into this trap. When it comes to holiday gifts, speak with your ex about what you will each be giving the kids to ensure you don’t repeat gifts—and don’t try to outdo one another. If you and your ex are not on the best terms, a divorce attorney can help you communicate with them about their upcoming plans.


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