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Can You Bring Your Pet When Moving to Hawaii? November 30, 2018

Pearl City, Ewa
Can You Bring Your Pet When Moving to Hawaii?, Ewa, Hawaii

Moving to Hawaii is a dream come true for many. However, pet owners should know Hawaii has strict requirements for bringing in animals. Learn more about what you’ll need to do to prepare your pet for the big move in the guide below.

Which Animals Can Enter Hawaii?

Cats, dogs, domesticated mice and rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, and chinchilla are all examples of house pets that can be brought into Hawaii under certain conditions. Turtles and some aquarium fish are allowed as well. Livestock animals, such as cattle, horses, birds, sheep, goats, and pigs can be imported into the islands with strict guidelines.

Which Animals Are Not Allowed?

moving-chinchilla-to-HawaiiMany species of fish, wild birds, exotic wild animals, snakes, and reptiles are not allowed into the state. Dogs mixed with wolves, coyotes, or other non-domesticated species are not importable, as are wild cats, foxes, and porcupines.

What Are the Quarantine Procedures?

Hawaii is a rabies-free state, so resident pet owners do not need to vaccinate their animals. To keep the state free of this disease that can also affect humans, dogs and cats entering Hawaii from outside the state must be quarantined.

State law requires that dogs, cats, and other carnivores complete either a 120-day or a 5-Day or Less rabies quarantine. The shorter program is less expensive and means you and your pet are separated for a much shorter period of time once on the islands. However, there are specific steps and a 120-day pre-arrival waiting period you’ll need to complete.

The procedure for either program requires paperwork from a veterinarian and approved laboratories, blood samples, and proof of rabies vaccine and no antibodies present in the animal before you move to Hawaii. It is essential that you prepare for the process well in advance of moving.


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