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5 Basement & Foundation Repair Terms to Know November 26, 2018

Meadows-Loudon, Lexington-Fayette Central
5 Basement & Foundation Repair Terms to Know, Lexington-Fayette Central, Kentucky

When you hire a professional for basement waterproofing or foundation repair, you’ll want to have an educated discussion with them about the problems at hand and how they’re going to fix them. This conversation will be easier if you know the common terms that industry professionals use. Educate yourself on a few of the most common below.

A Guide to Foundation Repair Terminology

1. Capillary Action

Capillary action refers to when water moves through a porous material without the assistance of, or in the opposite direction of, any external forces, such as gravity. Once the foundation wall gets saturated with moisture, the capillary action begins. It forces the water against gravitational force, so it moves up the foundation wall.

2. Efflorescence

foundation repairEfflorescence is the visible result of water flowing through concrete. The moisture dissolves the salts in the concrete, which discolors the surface. It looks like a white spot on the concrete.

3. Footing

A footing is the base of the foundation, and is typically a poured concrete slab with rebar reinforcement. The footing is responsible for holding the foundation in place, keeping it from moving or settling. Footings should be at least 12 inches thick and 12 inches below the frost line in the soil.

4. Foundation Movement

Foundation movement refers to when a foundation shifts or settles. It may do so because of water damage, cracks or poor construction. Movement can be indicated by cracks in the basement walls, bowed walls, uneven floors, or cracks in the mortar between bricks.

5. Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic pressure is the force of water pushed against a solid surface. For example, water-saturated soil around a foundation or basement wall will exert pressure on the wall and force moisture through it. Waterproofing a basement will protect the walls from hydrostatic pressure.


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