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A Guide to Emergency Tree Service December 7, 2018

Crescent, Oneida
A Guide to Emergency Tree Service, Crescent, Wisconsin

Trees add immense beauty to your property, but they can occasionally cause problems, too. If one poses a threat to your home or to the public, for example, you may need to hire an emergency tree service to resolve the issue quickly. If you’ve never had a tree removed but are concerned you may need to hire a professional quickly, consider the following information to learn more about this situation.

Emergency Tree Removal Basics

Who Needs Emergency Tree Services?

emergency tree serviceInclement weather can wreak havoc on your yard in a hurry. Trees that are old or already weak may be susceptible to falling or sustaining severe damage to their trunks or branches. In some cases, the tree may topple entirely, but in other instances, it may be on the cusp of falling over. If the storm occurs during winter, a weak tree can be further compromised by the threat of heavy snowfall. All of these scenarios require the assistance of an emergency tree service. Otherwise, the tree may damage your property or a neighbor’s yard or even pose a threat to passersby or vehicles.

What Happens During Tree Removal?

Your tree removal professional will arrive promptly in the event of an emergency. Technicians are equipped with the tools needed to effectively remove the entire tree and eliminate debris and the remaining stump as needed. In most cases, the tree is cut section by section, moving from the top to the bottom. Experts take great pains to avoid causing damage to your property, and they’ll often use a crane to help protect your home and its surroundings.

What Other Options Are Available?

You might also consider requesting stump grinding if you are concerned about leaving a potentially dangerous projection in your yard. This can often pose a safety threat, too, so it may be worth removing if the damaged tree was in a high-traffic area. You can even take proactive measures by asking a tree service expert to assess the condition of other trees on your property. If there’s a possibility they could fall, you can act in advance to prevent an emergency situation in the future.


Don’t let the possibility of a fallen tree threaten your property and the safety of you and your loved ones. You can trust the technicians at Todd’s Tip Top Complete Tree Service to come to the rescue when you need them most. Based in Rhinelander, WI, they serve homes throughout north-central Wisconsin. Whether you need emergency tree service after a storm or want to assess a tree for potential tree removal, you can count on them to arrive promptly and provide you with a solution you can trust. Visit them online to find out more, or call them at (715) 282-5858.

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