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Why Divorce Attorneys Don’t Want You Using Social Media December 4, 2018

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Why Divorce Attorneys Don’t Want You Using Social Media, Willow Springs, Missouri

If you are going through a divorce, you and your ex may disagree on touchy topics, from child custody to alimony. Many people don’t realize that what they post on social media can impact how disagreements on these issues are decided. Find out why divorce attorneys often ask their clients to take a social media hiatus.

How Social Media Impacts Divorce

Social media can be used as evidence in various ways in a divorce. For example, your ex could ask for a large sum of alimony and child support, and you claim you don’t have the funds to pay them. If you post photos of a new luxury car on Instagram, however, their lawyer could use this to cast doubt on your claims.

divorce attorneyYour social media activity can also impact child custody outcomes. Is your profile full of photos of you partying and drinking? Your ex’s divorce attorney could argue that you aren’t a responsible parent. Did you go on a rant on Facebook about the divorce? They could claim you have anger management issues.

What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

If your spouse had access to your social media accounts, change the passwords. You don’t want to give them the power to post something that could negatively affect you. Also, make sure to change email passwords, or they can use your email to recover a “forgotten” password.

While it might be tempting to skip the hassle and delete your accounts altogether, this could get you into hot water. Since social media accounts qualify as evidence, deleting them could be considered spoliation. Plus, if the proceedings are held up while the deleted accounts are recovered—which the courts can request social media companies to do—your divorce will drag on even longer. 


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