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5 Smart Reasons to Become a Pharmacy Technician January 4, 2019

Wakefield, Bronx
5 Smart Reasons to Become a Pharmacy Technician, Bronx, New York

If you’re looking to launch an exciting, rewarding job in the new year, consider becoming a pharmacy technician. A career in health care has many advantages—and joining the field may be easier than you think. Explore the list below for the top reasons to register for this type of medical training. 

Why Should I Become a Pharmacy Technician?

1. Growing Field 

The demand for pharmacy technicians is on the rise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth rate from 2018 to 2026 will be 12%, or faster than the national average. The field also employs over 400,000 professionals each year. 

2. Great Pay 

White Plains Pharmacy TechnicianWhile training to become a pharmacy tech only requires a high school diploma or equivalent, the median annual pay is over $31,000 per year. Experienced professionals can earn more than $46,000 annually. In addition to a fair salary, most full-time workers also enjoy superior benefits. These include health insurance, sick days, and vacation time. 

3. Rewarding Work 

Working in a pharmacy career means you make a difference each day. With your efforts, people get the prescriptions they need on time, which allows them to enjoy better health. You’ll also perform alongside pharmacists and learn from their experience in a high-level environment. 

4. Comfortable Setting 

Most techs work in pharmacies and drugstores, which are both clean and comfortable. Some professionals are even hired in hospitals. Wherever you land, you’ll never have to perform painstaking physical work. You’ll always enjoy air conditioning and central heat, and work shifts during regular business hours.  

5. Fast Certification 

It’s not necessary to spend years in training. Most programs take a year or less to complete. Upon graduating, you will have a new education in areas like pharmacology, anatomy, and physiology. Your classroom experience will give you the skills you need to apply for the most rewarding pharmacy jobs in your area. 


There is no better time than now to become a pharmacy tech. Big Apple Training has new classes starting on December 6th. To sign up for pharmacy technician training at their White Plains, NY, location, call (914) 437-7373, or register at their Bronx location by calling (718) 231-3600. Learn more about their 20 years of Allied Health Training experience and browse class schedules by visiting their website. Discover more of the benefits of a career in health care on their Facebook page. 

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