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What Is White Collar Crime? November 26, 2018

Tribeca, Manhattan
What Is White Collar Crime?, Manhattan, New York

White collar crimes refer to non-violent acts of fraud committed by business and government professionals, usually with financial motivation. Although they may not cause physical harm, these acts can impact lives—for instance, by wiping out a family’s life savings or costing investors billions of dollars. Find out what types of charges and consequences a white collar criminal may face.

Types of White Collar Crimes

white collar crimesCommon white collar charges include fraud, bribery, and insider training. Cybercrime also falls under this umbrella, and could include everything from collecting people’s credit card information through online scams to unleashing digital viruses. 

Many types of white collar crimes, such as money laundering or securities fraud, violate federal and state laws. People facing federal charges are tried in federal courts, where they will face tougher consequences. 

Why These Crimes Require an Attorney

Many people assume that white collar crimes won’t lead to prison time because they are non-violent. However, in addition to potential fines and penalties, it’s possible to spend time behind bars if found guilty. Someone convicted of insider trading, for example, could be banned from trading altogether. 

Since the charges under a white collar crime are vast—securities and commodities fraud, identity theft, money laundering, and corporate fraud—its imperative to hire an attorney to explore the best outcome. Whether a client admitted fault or is the target of a white collar crime, experienced lawyers represent their clients in state and federal courts. They gather the necessary paperwork, data, and evidence to ensure the client receives the best presentation possible. 



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