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3 Thanksgiving Bouquets for Your Dinner Table November 19, 2018

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3 Thanksgiving Bouquets for Your Dinner Table, Lakeville, Connecticut

Thanksgiving is the starting point of the holiday season, filled with good food, family time, and fun decor. Amongst the mashed potatoes piled high and the golden-brown bird, a beautiful flower arrangement can add an elegant touch to your Turkey Day spread. Like with any festive event of this time of year, draw inspiration from the holiday to decorate your table with an autumn bouquet.

Elements of Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements

1. Traditional Fall-Colored Florals

flower arrangementLate into the fall season, flower arrangements take a turn towards deep reds, oranges, yellows, and browns reminiscent of the changing leaves on the trees. While mums are a traditional fall floral, venturing towards lilies or even more tropical plants like the pincushion protea can add an unexpected pop to your Thanksgiving bouquet. For a quirky seasonal twist, petite gourds interspersed among the flowers can give a unique autumnal vibe.

2. Fresh Flowers in Candle Centerpieces

Incorporating fresh flower arrangements into candle centerpieces creates an unexpected twist on classic table décor. This option can allude itself to a floral wreath surrounding a single hurricane candle holder. You can also opt for a duo or trio of candles towering over a stunning bouquet of seasonal florals. Regardless of the option you choose, it’s essential that this arrangement uses new, tall candlesticks to avoid any flammable mishaps at Thanksgiving dinner.

3. Cornucopias

The staple of a Thanksgiving dinner table is this symbol of bounty, a goat’s horn overflowing with fruit, corn, and flowers. The right florist will surely create an exceptional flower arrangement for this “horn of plenty” to carry, possibly with stalks of wheat and cinnamon sticks adding a fun textural component to the bouquet.


Finding a florist to handle your Thanksgiving flower arrangements is essential to having a lovely centerpiece for your dinner table. Roaring Oaks Florist has delivered the highest quality flowers in the Tri-Corner Area for over 50 years, creating floral arrangements for every style and occasion. No order is too large or small, whether you need a simple autumnal bouquet or a spread of cornucopias for your Turkey Day festivities, and their florists will cater to any personal details or preferences you include in your order. To see their full range of Thanksgiving floral options, visit their new location in Lakeville, CT, or visit their website. To place an order, call (860) 364-5380.

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