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Creative Hardscaping Ideas to Improve Your Landscape November 23, 2018

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Creative Hardscaping Ideas to Improve Your Landscape, Blairsville, Georgia

A beautiful landscape can greatly improve the curb appeal and overall value of your home. To make the most out of your yard, your design should include hardscaping features. In addition to adding beauty to your space, these elements add functionality and give you a great space to entertain guests. Here are a few elements that can improve your landscape.

What Types of Hardscaping Elements Can Improve the Functionality of Your Yard?


This outdoor area provides a stable foundation for furniture, so you can relax more comfortably, serve food, and chat with friends and family. This space can be open or covered and include a simple, flat floor or additional features like a fire pit, surrounding wall, or kitchen equipment.

Water Feature

The sound of running water is a soothing addition to any home and garden. A water feature can be as simple as a small fountain or as large as a full-sized stream running through your yard. No matter which route you take, a water feature will make your outdoor space a relaxing haven after a stressful day.

Stairs & Paths

hardscapingNot only do these features make the farthest parts of your yard more accessible, but they can also add to the charm of a garden. Materials like stone and wood can give your area a cozy, classic feel, while materials like concrete can make your space feel more modern. Set up lighting along the edges of the walk so you can enjoy your stairs and paths both day and night.


If your landscaping is a little flat, add planters to create additional tiers and add height. This can help you develop a layered look in your garden. Raising plants also makes them easier to reach when it’s time to water them.


A pergola or other shade area can help create a cool, relaxing atmosphere in your yard. Install outdoor fans, so your yard stays comfortable even in the harsh summer heat and put lights underneath so you can enjoy the space at night. Pergolas can also be a good base for climbing vines, allowing you to develop a lush, old-world aesthetic in your yard.


If you want to add hardscaping elements to your yard, rely on VistaScapes Landscaping in Blairsville, GA. Over their 10-year history, they have provided Union County residents with beautiful, durable, high-quality stonework and landscaping to improve their garden designs. To schedule service, call them today at (678) 439-9125, or visit them online to browse more of their products and services.

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