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A Veterinarian’s 5 Tips for Holiday Pet Safety November 26, 2018

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A Veterinarian’s 5 Tips for Holiday Pet Safety, Warren, Ohio

The holidays are coming up, bringing with them decorations, festivities, and guests. The holidays include some hazards to pets’ health, so stay vigilant and take the following steps to prevent an emergency visit to the veterinarian. Below are a few tips to keep your pet safe

How to Keep Your Pet Safe

1. Vaccinate

Your dog or cat may be coming into contact with people and pets from all over the country due to the increase in visitors. This means exposure to all the germs they’ve brought with them, so check with your veterinarian to be sure your pet vaccinations are up to date.

2. Keep Decorations Out of Reach

VeterinarianIf you have a Christmas tree, support it well to prevent falling, and keep your pet away from the water, which will quickly become stagnant. Mistletoe, holly, tinsel, and fake snow are all dangerous for your dog or cat if ingested, so don’t use them or keep them out of reach.

3. Avoid Sharing Table Food

Bountiful food and lots of sweets are a hallmark of the holidays. Do not feed your dog or cat sweets and table scraps, which can upset digestion and include ingredients that are toxic to pets. Instead, try getting them a small number of pet-safe treats.

4. Inform Guests

As guests enter and leave your home, make sure they know to securely close the door or gate to keep your pet from getting out. Also, if your guests take medications, make sure they’re kept in secure containers in areas a dog or cat can’t reach, such as closed in a drawer.

5. Protect Gifts

Even if you’re usually good about pet-proofing your home, you may overlook the temptation of new, paper-wrapped items at your pet’s eye level. If you intend to put gifts under the tree or on the floor, keep your pet out of the area.


If your pet needs vaccinations or a checkup before the holidays, choose Countryside Veterinary Service. Serving northeastern Ohio and northwestern Pennsylvania, their experienced veterinarians provide a full range of treatment and preventive care from six pet clinic locations throughout their service area. To set up an appointment, find your closest facility on their website and make the call today.

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