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5 Reasons to Change Your Door Locks December 14, 2018

Kenvil, Morris County
5 Reasons to Change Your Door Locks, Kenvil, New Jersey

Even with technological advancements in security systems, door locks are usually your best line of defense against unauthorized entry into your property. Locks have to be inspected and updated periodically to be effective in securing the premises. Below are some situations when it’s essential to rekey or even replace your locks for added peace of mind.

5 Top Reasons to Change Your Door Lock 

1. Lost or Stolen Keys

Losing your keys or having them stolen isn’t just exasperating, it also exposes you to considerable security risk. Even if you find them or they were returned to you, you can’t know for sure that no duplicates were made. To be on the safe side, rekey your locks immediately to avoid intrusions.

2. Old or Damaged Locks

Daily wear and tear will damage your locks over time. Regular cleaning and oiling will help them last longer and withstand heavy use, but they’ll weaken with age, and when they do, they become a security liability. Avoid unfortunate incidents like lockouts and break-ins by switching out old rusty door locks with newer, sturdier ones.

3. Burglary or Break-In

If you were a victim of a burglary or break-in, it’s essential to replace your door locks as quickly as possible. Tampered or damaged locks are no longer effective in maintaining security within your property, especially if your keys were stolen as well. Have a professional inspect and evaluate your current system to make recommendations to strengthen security measures.

4. Moved Out or In

door locksAfter your housemate or roommate moves out, it’s better to replace or rekey your locks rather than retain the old ones. It’s likely that they still have a spare set of keys and may be able to enter without your knowledge. Similarly, rekey your new home after closing the deal to prevent trespassing by individuals who may have the old key. If you don’t like the lock system the old owner had, consider replacing it altogether. 

5. Disputes

If your relationship with a friend or family member crashing at your place has soured, it may be wise to limit their access to your home. Business owners with disgruntled former employees should also heed this advice. In both scenarios, rekey or replace your door locks to be safe.


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