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Why You Should Consider an Older Home Over a New Construction November 23, 2018

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Why You Should Consider an Older Home Over a New Construction, Newburgh, New York

If you’re thinking about buying a house, you may be wondering if you should consider a new construction or move into a residence that has been around for some time. Though you can enjoy brand-new appliances and hire a tree service to help maintain the few trees on the property, new homes don’t always have the same natural charm and beauty of an old house. To learn more about why you should think about purchasing an older home, consider this information.

Why Are Older Homes Better Than Newer Houses?

Character & Aesthetics

Older houses tend to have a charm and sense of character that many potential homebuyers find appealing. Different architectural styles like Victorian, Colonial, and Cape Cod have developed over the decades, and many have withstood the tests of time. Expert craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail have made older homes unique and visually appealing. Some houses still maintain amenities that are derived from the era in which they were built — such as original crown molding, authentic stained-glass windows, or herringbone-patterned hardwood floors.

Bigger Property

tree serviceIf you desire a spacious backyard with lots of trees as well as plenty of room for a garden and outdoor entertaining, you will likely find it in an older house. Though newer homes come with a lot of indoor amenities, including larger interiors, they are typically built on smaller lots. This means they may not have enough exterior space for the type of yard you want.

Established Trees

Trees are a fantastic feature of any home. They add value to the property, save money on energy bills by providing shade, and improve air quality. Older homes tend to have big yards with plenty of sturdy, mature trees that will continue to flourish with the help of a professional tree service. However, newer homes may not have established trees on the property. Though you could hire a tree service to plant a sapling or two in your yard, it would be years before the estate could benefit from them.


Whether your home is new or has been around for decades, you’ll need a professional tree service to ensure the health and beauty of your property’s trees. 4 Seasons Tree Service in Newburgh, NY, has served the greater Hudson Valley area for 20 years by providing quality tree care services at fair rates. Their experienced technicians offer tree trimming, stump removal, and 24-hour emergency tree services — which will keep your property safe and looking its best. Call (845) 565-8600 to request a free estimate or visit their website today to learn more about their available services.

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