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How to Protect Your Art & Avoid Broken Frames During a Move November 23, 2018

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How to Protect Your Art & Avoid Broken Frames During a Move, Seattle, Washington

Whether it’s a large piece of art with custom framing or a beloved family photo in a standard-sized frame, if you’re about to move, they both need to be packed with care. Unlike clothing and linens, they can’t just be thrown in a box. To prevent broken frames and shattered glass, there are a few things you need to do. If you’ve never wrapped framed works for a move before, take note of the following.

How to Properly Pack Framed Artwork and Photos for Moving

Essential Materials

The first step to avoiding broken frames is to invest in the right packing supplies. You’ll need packing paper, bubble wrap, and masking tape. The paper and bubble wraps will be used to individually wrap up the frames, while the masking tape is for securing the glass. Taping up an “X” across the surface will prevent it from shattering.

Smaller Frames

broken framesFor frames that are 8x10 inches or smaller, you can usually fit them in a basic moving box. Wrapping them in packing paper alone should suffice but if it’s a special, custom frame, feel free to add the bubble wrap around it. Also, don’t under-pack the box — if it’s too spacious, the frames will jostle around and knock into one another.

Large Frames

For large picture frames, i.e., poster-sized and above, it’s best to invest in specialty frame boxes. These are thin, rectangular boxes with minimal depth; they’re just big enough to fit a frame that’s wrapped in packing paper or bubble wrap. If you don’t have a specialty frame box, you can make one by cutting up other cardboard boxes and folding the pieces up around the frame. This will take time, and you’ll need to make sure you’re securely taping the pieces together, but it’s worth it to prevent broken frames!


If you’re new to the Seattle, WA area and need to repair or replace any broken frames from moving, stop by Seattle Custom Framing. They offer a wide variety of styles at different price points, so whatever you need they'll make it right. Just need a glass replacement or a different type of matting? They can do that too! You can learn more about their framing services online or by calling (206) 838-7908.

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